October 2018

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Our Services



WHAT we do: We are an after care service: after the crises, after the shelters, after relocation,  after trying to put your life back together there needs to be a  renewal/transforming, a change of  the mind.  We educate the clients/ survivors about DV through education: we endeavor to renew their minds by enlightenment, empowerment and encouragement by Word of God and practical hands on applications.

SERVICES: We provide domestic violence training: red flags signaling signs of possible violence. Domestic violence workshops, Sex abuse/ sex assault education.

We offer individual counseling for those who need help on a intimate personal level. We work with client where they are in life.  We believe that the client is the best authority on the issues surrounding their lives.  We help them to discover the best way to resolve those concerns, using the best alternatives available to them.

Support group

We offer the survivors, victims a unique support group catharsis. Our catharsis support group offers clients an outlet, a platform to talk about their particular problem.

By definition catharsis means:  to cleanse, purifying the emotion that brings about spiritual renewal or release from tension…by bringing it to consciousness and affording expression.

The group assist clients in moving from being wounded to being healed through spiritual, social and practical support. The group endeavors to instill in its members five beneficial factors: a better perspective of self; hope for their situation; acceptance of self; helping others; and knowing they are not alone in their struggles.

Life Coaching and Support

We Educate clients about domestic violence and abuse which is primary in stopping abuse in their lives, and in the lives of their families. We also enlist prayer  and the Word of God to evoke lasting changes in the lives of survivors  and victims.


In the life coaching and support module clients are educated as to the root cause of the abuse, and how they may unknowingly perpetuate the abuse in their lives and in the lives of their children and other family members.  The client is shown from the Word of God that it is not His will for them to be abused.  By employing practical application of activities learned the client is empowered to take charge of her life pursuing a lifestyle free of violence and abuse.

All services are free of charge. Except  for agencies that have the ability to pay. There will be a sliding scale fees for clients who are able to pay.


-Local shelters
-Legal assistance
-Mental Health assessment
-Alcohol drug counseling

Volunteer Opportunities available