Cleaning Your Closet

Cleaning Your Closet

Some people who have experienced abuse can sometimes become emotionally hard, unyielding and unforgiving. There’s a need to work on ourselves, if not the abused can become the abuser!

In the reading there are places where you are to fill in the blanks working on your moral fiber, but for the sake of continuity I’ll fill in the blanks.

Some closets are pretty much in order a little cleaning here and there is all you need. You go about sweeping out mis-understanding and resentments. You throw out that old tattle-tale container that’s spilling over with lies, and rumors. You re-connect your “I’m sorry” bottom, which had fallen behind your “I forgive you” box. And you remembered not to put a lid on that box as it is used often. Then you bring out your matching luggage of _Joy &_Peace__ and put it right in front of the closet! Now you’re done.

Others on the other hand,  are large walk-in closets and a bit more challenging, and need help. Your needful things have been there for years packed, pushed, shoved, and hidden in the back of the closet. You can’t get to them in a hurry so you grab what’s nearest and go about your business.
But now it’s time to clean your closet because what’s in the back of the closet should be at the front and you need it everyday. As you go about the drudgery of throwing things out…stopping occasionally to examine an item, or read an old love letter, there’s an awareness– a Presence— as if someone was gingerly leading and guiding- “Let’s see what we got here, ah yes, throw out that transparent bag of resentment that’s the first to go. Destroy those twin boxes of envy and strife it doesn’t fit who you are. Now that red box of anger put it outside the closet—wait don’t throw it out in rage, or kick it out in hot temper, lay it aside. Anger no longer works for you. Now look up… over your head, right in the middle of the shelf where your hat boxes are, yes, right there, see that decorated overly larger box? It’s pride. I hate pride, I’ve been trying to get it out of your closet for a long time, that’s to be burned with all it’s contents.
Just a few more items and you are there. To your left side way in the back, in the corner — do you see what looks like a collage of clothing? Go back there, and look closely, it’s not clothing at all, it’s an illusion, its mental possessions that occupy and squeeze out your spiritual life daily, put those out to be burned also. Now put in the trash that double-sided os-cil-lating sign of “guilt & shame; guilt & shame, it vacillates back and forth, back and forth, in your face to bind you spiritually.
Finally, you have worked yourself to the very back of the closet and find what is needed. “Oh! Here it is! How could it have gotten so far back in the closet?” Hurriedly you bring it to the light and examine it– turning it around and shaking it out. It’s still in good condition, Ahh… you breathe a big sigh of relief. That’s what’s been missing— Longsuffering & Kindness: so you vowed to keep it out in the open- of the closet and use it everyday.
Brenda McGibboney-author


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