Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day for the most part should be a day of love good wishes, flowers, candies and everything sweet. But here’s the truth about abuse not only on valentine’s day, but every day.

Listen to the heart of a survivor.

A Thousand Tongues…
A thousand tongues of sickness cannot taste this blood…
It drips from my cheek
Your punch
Your push into the wall
In a corner am I yet…
I am called vulgar, ugly, evil
You are angry memories not erased…
I choke on air
I cannot breathe

How funny to be writing this in a journal of scriptures
Yet this is what your love does to me…what about the children
What will we say?

How much you hate your wife today
Your eyes bulge
You lock your door

As never before you fell Cowardly, Benign, Dying
Yet, I have already died…
You ignore each cry
Getting more absorbed in your “righteous ‘scriptures”
You write your letters of correction forgetting your family needs connection

Oh man of vulgarity
Pure religious cloths a wolf you are
You don’t know your match is lit
The Fire you burn is soot
You are as rotting wood trampled underfoot
How lone you are .

I lock my door you break whenever you please …
Your door locked tight… unable to break I faint beneath its weight

Cunning, sly you change your words Ever so slightly
Always explaining your sin

Never… ever… coming to terms within… a man of ash
Your wife’s soul Smashed!

A thousand tongues speak -Once a victim now a survivor!

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