Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Renewal Center for Battered Women Ministries is dedicated to serving clients by helping to remove distress of domestic violence, and abuse of any kind through education, counseling, guidance and assistance in making better life choices through biblical principles and practical applications.


Our Vision.

For participants to know and understand the love  that the  Father has for them.

God the Father has ALL the answers.

For participants to be enlightened about domestic violence.

For participants to learn that they have the cure for domestic violence (their mind).

For participants to gain a  better  sense of  self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-awareness.

For participants to recognize some of  the  red flags of abuse.

Make better life choices through biblical principles, and practical applications.


Core Belief

Every woman has the right to be safe in intimate or social relationships. A woman has the right to be safe and feel safe in her environment without threats of violence or retaliation from her husband/significant other. Every woman has the right to protect herself and the lives of her children in impending danger. Every woman has the right to speak her opinions about any given subject matter without threats of reprisal.


Guiding Principles

Help to support participant in her desire to live an abuse free life.

Help participant to make decisions that would be beneficial to her and her family.

Help her to seek God the Father in prayer for her needs:  instructions, and directions for her life.

We keep a high level of confidentiality.

We observe boundaries between participant and staff.

We encourage dignity of self.

We believe the participant is the best authority of her problems.

We create a culture of respect for all involved.




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